Bettles Lodge & Bettles Air

This historical lodge is located in Bettles, just south of the Brooks Range, with the population of 50-some poeple. This village is about one-hour-flight from Fairbanks, and you will be thrilled to fly over the endless tundra and snow-capped mountains, as well as the magnificent view of the frozen Yukon River.

As a central hub for the transportations between distant small villages scattered around the arctic region, this lodge's existence is quite important for many bush-pilots. This village is also "the gate" of Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve, and you can begin your own adventure from here.

Since this place is located exactly under the Aurora Oval, you will be able to enjoy the mysterious glow of the Northern Lights dancing above. Thanks to the owners' and staffs' hospitality, many guests repeatedly visit and stay at this wonderful lodge every summer and winter.
It certainly is the safe haven for those who ventures into the Arctic.