The Hubble Heritage Project

For those who are bounded to the ground of planet Earth, it is a wonderful experience to explore the universe with the images brought back from orbit by the Hubble Space Telescope. We are quite fortunate to have such a sophisticated tool beyond our limited boundary.
This project is meant to honor the magnificent endeavor of mankind ever made to the unknown, and contribute to the enrichment of our knowledge about space in which we live. Being uploaded every month is an astounding and quite beautiful image, which intrigues us and invites each mind of the veiwers to the cosmic world.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

This is an archives site served by Astrophysics Science Devision of NASA, and they provide us various pictures concerning the astronomical phenomena every day since June 1995.
Undisputed is their quality, and sheer quantity of their library data is in itself astounding. Most impressive is the various genera of the images shown there - from the beautiful galaxies existing far from our own, various celestial bodies - comets, for instance - viewed from ground, to the interesting images of satellites or Space Station orbiting Earth.
All combined, they stimulate our imagination, and our endless voyage will begin here.

These are the websites which let us recognize the fact that Universe is, in and of itself, a Miracle.