Aurora Forecast

This website is provided by Geophysical Institute of UAFiUniversity of Alaska, Fairbanksj. You can choose several arctic areas located under the Aurora Oval - Arctic Alaska as well as Canada, Northern Europe and Antarctica - for the possible appearances of the Northern Lights.
The activity levels of Aurora are categorized as
hActiveh hModerateh hLow h hQuieth. Also, a forecast calender which shows long-term Aurora activities up to 28 days will serve you in planning the visit to the Aurora zone.
No other site but here can you predict one of the most beautiful natural phenomena on earth

NOAA POES Auroral Activity

Space Environment Center (SEC) of NOAAiNational Oceanic and Atmospheric Administrationj provides you this invaluable website. One of their satellites, POESiPolar-orbiting Operational Environmental Satellite) will scan and gather various atmospheric data while passing over the both poles, and SEC visualizes the power flux in the atmosphere carried by protons and electrons from the sun - which cause the appearances of Aurora - and shows us the current extent and position of Aurora Oval on both poles.
Although this presentation is "estimate" of the location , extent and intensity of Aurora, the color-coded power flux patterens depicted on the monitor is quite striking to the laymen's eyes.